Kozo Gala

I am not seeing where the information is for the Kozo gala, nor where to upload my finished book (video or stills...it has been a rough week).... I need some navigation, please! hugs...tat

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Photoshop for Calligraphers with Julie Wildman AND Julie can vectorize your artwork!

2 wonderful opportunities available to BrodyOnline Metal & Glass students: 1. Tutoring via online course to help everyone create their work in metal! Please read the course description and contact Julie directly at julie@wildmandesigns.com 2. If you are looking to have the vectorizing work done for you, Julie is available to you. Please read to

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Laser cutting resource

Hello Laser Letterers! Online company in the US - sendcutsend.com Recommended to me by a tool & guitar designer/maker - he says: “You upload your digital files to them, select the materials and finishes and within a week have them at your door. $29 minimum so this works real well for prototyping and discounts on

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What’s the meaning of modern?

For me it is helpful to start with the opposite meanings to understand a word. It is difficult to do it in a different language, because my brain is trained to understand German words, but let's try it in English. What is the opposite of modern? "traditional · moderate ; unimaginative · old-fashioned ; old

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Greetings, Kozo students. These are the 2 YouTube videos Brody included in The Magic of Kozo, Assignment Week 4. Enjoy! Box Making https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=YC3VRkV7LH8 Cabinet Making https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=KgJk8bN8nBo Karen

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Which enamel paint produces the best “aura?”

Hi everyone -  I’ve been struggling to produce a good “aura” using enamel paint and white mineral spirits.  I started out using Rustoleum Marine Paint, which is a matte enamel, but it didn’t produce any aura at all when mixed with white mineral spirits and also when I included oxgall. Today I went to Lowes

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Gyotaku | Fish Printing on Washi (Japanese Kozo Fiber Paper)

Here are some good links related to Gyotaku Fish Printing that we talked about in class this morning. It will be exciting to do human body printing in the weeks ahead. https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/gyotaku-print-john-dory-zeus-faber/zQG3OqCyykrbzQ https://www.widewalls.ch/magazine/gyotaku-fish-printing-method The Smithsonian Magazine reports that the sumi ink is rinsed off after the print is made.

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