Caution: Holbein Super Soft Brayer Scam Website

After our discussion yesterday during the cocktail hour, and using Trish Meyer's suggestion, I went hunting for a Holbein Super Soft Brayer. I thought I had found a really good deal at this site: But it's a scam. Don't be fooled. Fortunately, PayPal refunded my money. Please don't make the same mistake that I

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How to post homework

I have been trying to post homework but have not been able to do so. Instruction videos are not helpful. It shows options that are not available. I installed app to resize pictures but how do I rename them? It said that my picture was uploaded but there were no option to rename it. And

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McClains Printmaking Supplies

In the US, there is a store called McClains Printmaking Supplies. They have an online presence. They sell a pure Dry Rice Starch: They have a number of wonderful products that are interesting to what we are learning. Sadly, the Japanese brayers with a good balance of size and price, are not available at

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If the gum strip tape won’t stick…

I’ve experienced, that the gum strip tape partially peeled off after drying, although I’ve been very careful not no wash off the paste when applying the water with the sponge. For the second board I went on as follows: Instead of wetting the back of the tape, I’ve been wetting the spots where the tape

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Air bubbles in the pasting

I have lots of air bubbles when I paste a second layer of rice paper over the first. Has this happened to anyone else? Should I have waited for the first layer to be dry before adding the second?

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Mixing whitewash

I am using Calcium Carbonate as I can buy it in a 500g bag rather than a 25kg bag. I mixed 200gm of calcium carbonate with 300gm water as in the recipe in our notes. This gave me a liquid that really did seem way too thin. (Did anyone else have this problem? Would it

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