Question for those in Germany on paint

Hello, What kind of wood, and what kind of paint have you used for this month’s assignment? I painted my board with Latex paint I bought from the hardware store. And it doesn’t wash well. It just gets lighter and does not go away. I did test patches on the board, one with some Matt

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Crit session assignments

Hi Pieter, Can you please let me know if all my three crit session assignments (Apollinare) are uploaded? After posting, the message showed me only one was uploaded. Hence bit confused. Thanks in advance, Nikheel

By |2022-03-17T14:16:55+01:00March 17th, 2022|4 Comments

cutting the plastic comb

Hello everybody I just let you know that... If you use a Perspex cutter (in the photo) for comb cutting, it would save your work a lot. I don't think you want to buy the cutter just for this purpose. But if you happened to have one or know someone who has it, it would

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Images wouldn’t upload

Just an FYI: Even though it says images can be 3mb or less, my images would not upload until I made them less than 2mb. They were appropriate jpgs, and should have worked as usual.  tatiana :(

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Text Me: How We Live in Language

Those in the Wrong Letters class may find this (past) exhibit Text Me: How We Live in Language at the Museum of Design Atlanta interesting - I was fortunate enough to see the exhibit in person. It was great. It would be a wonderful location for a history of calligraphy exhibit. It's across the

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