A Conversation with a Work of Art

Handout 83, November 2022 Brody’s thoughts on entering into a conversation with a work of art. Let’s continue the conversation. Do you agree with Brody? Disagree? What would you change, remove or add?

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october crit

Dear classmates/ friends, thank you very much for your wonderful thoughts about my story. It was so interesting and important to listen to. Now I like to tell you my thoughts: German is my native language and of course I wrote my story and my poem in German. But this felt so private and intimate,

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Hi, i would like to have your point of view. Can we illustrate with pictures from artists that touch us?   i would like to use "la création du monde" de Jérome Bosch to illustrate one of my sheet. thank you. Dominique

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As Brody mentioned that we have 2 week time for the assignments, so is it all right not to submit 3 sheets for crit? If not now then when? And it will be evaluated by Brody later on? Please clear my doubts. Thanks

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Discussing Week two project?

I am rewatching the video of this weeks lesson.  Mmmmmmm. Not sure how to tackle this one…….  I have written out 5 sentences or parts of sentences from my three aspects of my subject.  I have marked 5 items from my association list..  As Brody said I have written a list and then written the

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Question for those in Germany on paint

Hello, What kind of wood, and what kind of paint have you used for this month’s assignment? I painted my board with Latex paint I bought from the hardware store. And it doesn’t wash well. It just gets lighter and does not go away. I did test patches on the board, one with some Matt

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Crit session assignments

Hi Pieter, Can you please let me know if all my three crit session assignments (Apollinare) are uploaded? After posting, the message showed me only one was uploaded. Hence bit confused. Thanks in advance, Nikheel

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