April 2022 – FABULOUS FABRICS AND CALLIGRAPHIC KIMONOS: Calligraphy on textiles


This course has ended. You can still enroll to view the recordings. They will remain online until August 19, 2022.
Due to popular demand, the kimono course will be broadened to cover work on textiles in general. How to plan and paint a tablecloth, a tee shirt, a leather jacket. Students will be able to create anything they like on fabrics, including kimonos! We will begin with the technicalities. How to prepare your workspace? How to create a composition? Which cloth, paint, and brush? Which styles of calligraphy to use? We will look at the history of calligraphy on cloth in Japan, the Silk Road, and the West, discovering incredible artistic treasures along the way. We will then create our own calligraphic cloth and sew it into kimonos or transform it into other usable products. In the final session you can walk the catwalk in your kimono, show us the cursive curtains in your living room or dress your dining room table with your new calligraphic tablecloth.

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Absolutely fantastic, diverse, interesting and challenging series…amazingly personal outcomes from the students…such a generous amount and variety of content between preparing, writing, measuring, cutting and sewing - so well thought out and delivered. Particularly loved the inspiring lead in with the focus on textiles through history. I feel so grateful to have had these incredible learning experiences - with sincere thanks Brody for all your work in teaching us everything you possibly can fit in! 🙏🏻😱🪶

Thanks for all the information. You make me discover a new world! I enjoy working on cloth, but I would like to have more time.


Material Includes

  • HANDOUTS will be sent a few days before the series begins.
  • Sessions will be recorded and made available to students. Recordings will be available for 4 months.

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • We will discuss fabrics and paints in the first lesson, so you do not need to buy your materials before the lesson.
  • One piece of cloth measuring approximately 150cm x 300cm (approximately 60” x 120”). This does not have to be an expensive cloth. Calico and cotton will do. If possible, buy a small piece first and test with fabric paint or diluted acrylic paint to make sure it does not bleed.
  • One piece of absorbent cloth to place under your kimono cloth while working.
  • Variety of brushes (flat brushes and pointed brushes)
  • Fabric paints, India ink, gouache, acrylic matte medium (Pebeo brand matte medium is best).
  • Sewing machine or a friend willing to sew for you (the pattern is very simple!)


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