Frequently asked questions

How do we organize the live sessions?2021-05-02T13:35:15+02:00

Live sessions are organized with Zoom. The participation link is shared on Brody Online (go to your enrolled courses and click on ‘Start Course’). You are not obliged to install the ‘Zoom’ software on your computer. You can participate from your browser. For the best quality, we do recommend installing the software and make a Zoom account. You can do that on https://zoom.us/ . The software is free and you can participate with a free account.

How to join a live session?2021-05-02T13:34:29+02:00

Go to your student dashboard. Click on ‘Enrolled Courses’. Click on the title of the course followed by the green button ‘Start Course’. On the course page you can click on the zoom session. You have the option to join in browser or join with the zoom app. We recommend joining with the app. NEW: You can also choose to sign up for e-mail notifications containing the Zoom link. You need to complete the registration form on the course page for each series you enrolled, we do not send the Zoom links automatically!

Where can I find the handouts for the live session?2021-05-02T13:34:22+02:00

Handouts can be found on the Brody Online platform by going to the student dashboard and clicking on Enrolled Courses. Click on the course title. Then click on the green button START COURSE. You will see the button for the Handouts on the left side of your screen. Click on it and all the Handouts will be visible.


Handouts will be posted a few days before the start of the first live session!

Can I ask questions during a live class?2021-05-02T13:35:09+02:00

During a live class, the Q&A section is available as well as the zoom chat. We cannot answer all questions. During each live session, a moderator is present who will filter the questions. If you would like a personal interview, consider booking a private session.

Where can I find the zoom participation links?2021-05-02T13:35:04+02:00

When your registration has been approved, you can go to ‘Enrolled Courses’ via the ‘student dashboard’. Click on course and then on ‘Start Course’. Here you will find the participation links and a countdown clock. NEW: You can also choose to sign up for e-mail notifications containing the Zoom link. You need to complete the registration form on the course page for each series you enrolled, we do not send the Zoom links automatically!

Why do some course topics show a padlock?2021-05-02T13:14:52+02:00

If some course topics show a padlock It means you are not logged in to your account or you did not purchase that course. Please log in or purchase the course.

How do I post a assignment?2021-05-03T20:49:55+02:00

Go to your enrolled courses en click on the title of the course with the assignment. Click the ‘Start Course’ button. On the left side of the screen you will find a tab ‘Assignment’. Instruction will be posted there. On the bottom you can submit the assignment.

Are there any recordings of the live sessions?2021-05-02T13:34:58+02:00

After each live series, the recordings will be available for 2 months.

How do I upload a profile pic?2021-05-08T01:00:24+02:00

First option (recommended)

BrodyOnline has full support for the Gravatar system. Gravatar is an image and public profile system that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post. This is an external service and is supported by many websites around the world. Also on brodyOnline.com.

If you register on www.gravatar.com with the email you use on BrodyOnline, this image will automatically be transferred to BrodyOnline and work seamless with your student profile and the comments at the Cocktail Bar.

Second option (NOT recommended)

We also store profile pics locally, but there can be some issues synchronising the profile pic betweed the student profile and the message boards.

Go to your student dashboard and click ‘Settings’. At the bottom of the picture placeholder, click on the little camera. Now upload your photo.

Is there a discount if I register for several courses?2021-05-02T13:34:50+02:00

Yes, from 4 series there is a bundle discount. The discount is automatically deducted in your shopping cart. The more courses you take, the higher the discount.

Can I register once a series has started2021-05-02T13:34:43+02:00

Yes, we keep enrollements open as long as the recordings stay available. That’s about 2 months after the last live session. In the future we will make recordings of the live sessions available again as a separate purchase.

I have booked a private session. How do I make an appointment?2021-05-02T13:34:36+02:00

You make an appointment directly with Brody. You can send an email to info@brodyneuenschwander.com or open a question via the Q&A of the private session.

Why do I need to pay taxes?2021-05-02T13:35:32+02:00

According to the European tax law, we are obliged to levy Belgian VAT on all courses with live sessions and all physical products on our webshop. On courses without a live session (video on demand), the VAT is charged from the country of the client.

Do I have to pay VAT as a non-European citizen?2021-05-02T13:35:26+02:00

Yes, Belgian VAT must be paid on all courses with live sessions. These services are not regarded as a digital service according to the European tax law. They are regarded as an educational service who takes place in Belgium. There is an exception on courses without a live session. In that case, no VAT should be charged to non-European students.

Do I have to pay VAT with a european VAT number?2021-05-02T13:35:21+02:00

No VAT is charged to European entrepreneurs with a valid European VAT number. Exception: Belgian entrepreneurs must recuperate the VAT via the Belgian VAT return.

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