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MARCH 2021 — Finding Inspiration in Non-Latin Scripts, Part 1

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Come with me to a faraway land! I want to show you one of the most beautiful and intriguing scripts ever created: early Arabic Kufic. This calligraphy is as bold as modern sculpture and abstract painting. Think Calder. Think Motherwell. By studying these concise, dramatic letters, we can learn a lot about letterform, counterspace, weight and legibility. These sessions are great for anyone interested in striking out into new territory. Even better for logo designers, painters and those hoping to develop new and more personal styles of writing. Series 1 and Series 2 together form a very good introduction to my way of teaching calligraphy. They are recommended (but not required) for anyone planning to take Series 3 – 8.

Dates & time

  • March 1, 8, 15 2021
  • 8:00pm Brussels time
  • 2:00pm NY time
  • 6:00am next day Sydney time

* Sessions last approximately 2 hours

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The Secret History of Writing (DOCU)
This three part documentary is available for 2 months! Brody Neuenschwander www.brodyneuenschwander.com www.brodyonline.com

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10 Ratings
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Margaret burgess
2 years ago
3 years ago
I’ve taken classes from Brody before so I knew this was going to be five stars from the get-go, but I’d like to add that in addition to everything else the final critique was instructive and inspiring, both for the quality and diversity of the students’ work and Brody’s insightful comments. The use of Photoshop was extremely helpful in suggesting possibilities for alternate designs and suggestions for the use of letterforms in different formats: clothing, furniture, architecture and so on.
annabel delgado
3 years ago
Wow, this class was like finding an Aladdin Lamp filled with inspiration, possibilities and ideas. In three weeks we've only scratched the surface yet the work produced by the students was amazing! The classes are captivating with many layers of illustration and examples. I have watched session one five times and still take out new information every time. His critiques were constructive and encouraging; the goal being self expression. I have been on a creative high since the class started, I draw letters in the shower and I dream letters and shapes...so much fun!
Janine Mitchell
3 years ago
For some time I have felt that I wanted to unlearn my formal calligraphic training...to reach a point as an artist that is not confined to an expected way of working, and an expected line quality and standard of set forms. To be excited rather that constrained. To be different. To move away from maths and calculations and to rely on my heart and eye and intent. It’s difficult to compress a range of complex thoughts, feelings and responses into a single paragraph, but there is something that happens to my work and brain every time I have the opportunity to work with Brody. I have done more finished work in the last few weeks than I have done throughout last year. My mind is creating constantly and I have to keep catching ideas as they stumble out onto the page - at this point I have more ideas than I have time. Apart from creating works, Brody makes me want to achieve off paper...to create in many other mediums and formats, and to find my own voice in creating. The workshop is just the start of this journey. While I am looking for my voice on the page, I am gently kicked in the right direction. It’s not just the examples Brody starts us off with - it’s the way Brody expresses thoughts on art in general...the graphic sensibilities I strive for. The dynamic energy on the page that he brings to life so easily. I enjoyed every moment of the workshop, and especially seeing where Brody took student starting points to. This session was particularly valuable for me as it really forces your mind to consider the possibilities. Thanks Brody for helping me go on this journey...I have a long way to go to find a singular voice that expresses me as an artist but I can’t wait to continue on the next round. Merci beaucoup 😊 🙏🏻💜
Inger Ohlsson
3 years ago
So happy to be doing this and coming classes . What a world of artistic work and too be able to be among the fantastic artists and be inspired. Every moment is a happening for the mind!
Inger Ohlsson
Gyounghee Lee
3 years ago
I knew it would be a fabulous class, yet it was much more than I wished for! Writing and drawing with new forms from unfamiliar letters can be so much fun and at the same time it makes me think more about calligraphy in general. It is amazing to see the diversity of ideas from all. Lots of 'Aha' moments. Brody's knowledge and teaching are truly an eye-opening experience. Thank you.
Anika De Souza
3 years ago
I loved this course and the Kufic inspired writing. I'm looking forward to explore it more. Watching everybody's work and listening to your thoughts and positive feedback is very encouraging. Specially seeing the results and how the writing can work on different surfaces was so much joy!! I'm looking forward the next classes I booked.
loved the course, your teaching and then ... I couldn't stop writing, initiating, improvising . The letters just had to be written, words and lines and ... THANK YOU! Looking forward to the next lesson!
loved it!! Couldn't stop either!!! What is more to come!!!!
Laurie Doctor
3 years ago
I want to find words you don\'t hear all the time. Inspiring as it is, this doesn\'t capture it. More like waking an ancient song I recognize. I couldn\'t wait to internalize, investigate, integrate and improvise...couldn\'t wait to begin work. Your method of teaching speaks to me directly. I respond to a context that takes me beyond the technique and the thing itself, to what is moving me to make, to write, to reach. My attention to the presentation did not waver, and I have been on fire working on finding my alphabet as I go ever since. Thank you.
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