APRIL 2021 — Finding Inspiration in Non-Latin Scripts, Part 2

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Magical words: ancient Chinese seal script! Have you ever looked at these wonderful characters closely? How are they constructed? Can they teach us new ways to shape and arrange Latin letters? Can words become images again? The answer is a resounding “Yes”! We will look at the construction of seal script characters and apply what we learn to Latin letters. This is a fantastic course for anyone interested in putting our alphabet together in new ways. If you have wondered how to create new textures and a different kind of flow from one letter to the next, this is the course for you. Series 1 and Series 2 together form a very good introduction to my way of teaching calligraphy. They are recommended (but not required) for anyone planning to take Series 3 – 8.

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  • April 5, 12, 19 2021
  • 8:00pm Brussels time
  • 2:00pm NY time
  • 4:00am next day Sydney time

* Sessions last approximately 2 hours

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Your courses are amazing, inspiring, and a good opportunity to see the Calligraphy World differently. Thanks for bringing all this information together and share with us your experience. I'm looking forward to the next one... :)

I joined the class two weeks late. I was on a tight budget, but, upon seeing what wonderful things other friends were posting, I felt I needed to be part of this mind stretching class. It was more than I could hope for. My abilities were challenged, and growth began. I truly never thought I could do what I saw others doing. Brody's humble and gracious instructional style took all of us out of our ordinary lettering spheres and into a new galaxy. I am now dedicating my time to continue on this very interesting journey. Thank you to all who have shared their work and to Brody as a solidly intuitive instructor. I look forward to unforeseen paths that my journey will take without fear now...

Brody\'s on-line courses are opening entire new worlds for me. The instruction is both brilliant and accessible. Brody is not only a master calligrapher but a master teacher as well.

What an amazing course to date. An incredible journey. Brody has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience and is able to impart his knowledge to his students. The lectures are full of incredible information planting seeds of inspiration for the future.

These classes are addicting. The instruction is precise, well founded, very honest and the possibilities are limitless.
Not only is Brody's work very varied and inspiring but the student work posted in the gallery is terrific. It's amazing how one seed can germinate into so many different explorations!
The critiques are also very constructive sometimes he reassembles submitted work turning it into much stronger compositions to illustrate his point. Even my husband, whose desk is next to mine is impressed (he paints but doesn't do calligraphy) when he overhears the lectures or critiques.
This journey is a great growing experience.

Oh what a journey! Thanks for starting it and taking me there. Please keep up your wonderful and inspiring way of teaching - I am so looking forward to the next course...


Material Includes

  • HANDOUTS will be sent a few days before the series begins.
  • Sessions will be recorded and made available to students. Recordings will be available for 2 months.


  • Cola can pen or ruling pen
  • Sumi ink
  • 3 sheets good quality paper with a bit of texture, weight160gm – 220gm (Rives BFK, Fabriano 5 and Saunders Waterford are good)
  • Reading tip: “China: Empire of Living Symbols” by Cecilia Lindqvist or any text on the origins of Chinese calligraphy.


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