NOVEMBER 2021 — Wrong Letters: Lustrous Layered Colors

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In this series we will take a deeper dive in our Yellow Submarine. In the last session you learned to make your own fat and juicy YS letters with a pointed brush. Now we will use a pointed pen (your choice: quill, ruling pen, copperplate pen…) to draw these luscious shapes and then fill them with color. Nuances in the bounding line, shadows and overlapping will give a sense of depth and layering. You will learn to make stunning compositions radiant with color and depth. Participation in Series 6 recommended.

Dates & time

  • November 8, 15, 22 2021
  • 8:00pm Brussels time
  • 2:00pm NY time
  • 6:00am next day Sydney time

* Sessions last approximately 2 hours 

Only recorded sessions available
– Limited offer –
Recordings go offline January 22

Enrollment validity: Confirmed

Material Includes

  • HANDOUTS will be sent a few days before the series begins.
  • Sessions will be recorded and made available to students. Recordings will be available for 2 months.


  • Cola pen, ruling pen, quill, or other pointed pen
  • Chinese ink, gouache colors or watercolors
  • Brushes to apply gouache or watercolor
  • 3 sheets good quality paper with a bit of texture, weight160gm – 220gm (Rives BFK, Fabriano 5 and Saunders Waterford are good)
  • Reading tip: Have a look online at the work of artist Ed Ruscha and the psychedelic album covers of the 1960s and 70s.

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It was such an enriching experience, learned to look at colours, lettering and calligraphy in a completely new way. The sessions were enjoyable, very informative and relaxed, best teacher.

This and the whole year courses were absolutely wonderful. The whole approach to Brody's classes gives the tools and brain to explore possibilities and not just copying a teachers letterforms. The critic section is most enlightening and glad we can have some interaction.
Brody has a great way of explaining his thought and actions when demonstrating and I enjoyed it immensely.


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